Do I Need a Baby Monitor?

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Every home is different and parents have the right to make a choice on what their new born baby needs. The obvious things would be a crib and a car seat, but for those experiencing parenting for the first time, there may be some things that you could be unsure of.

Sure, there are plenty of articles online from medical professionals and new mothers alike (just like this one) which will advise on what you really need and what you could potentially do without. But who is right and does one size really fit all? Is a new born baby just a new born baby like any other or do they each have specific needs depending on how you’d like to be as a parent and what you think is really best for the child in the long term?

A baby monitor falls under the option category as many claim they can do without it whereas other parents claim that it’s a god send and something they couldn’t do without. One of the main questions here is how big your living space actually is. If the new addition to the family has a new nursery that is out of earshot from the room that the parents usually sleep in, then it would make sense to have “an extra set of ears” so to speak in the baby’s room.

The decision of whether to buy a baby monitor or not may also depend on what stage the baby is up to. New born babies that have just arrived home from hospital traditionally sleep in the same room as the parents for the first few weeks at least. In some cases the baby sleeps in the same room as the mother and father for the first few months until everyone feels more settled in their surroundings. So if the baby was to be in such close proximity as the parents, a monitor wouldn’t really be needed at all.

As the baby continues to grow and gains more and more independence, then they will eventually settle better and sleep for longer periods of time on their own. Especially as the feeding habits become more ingrained. So at this point, it may be worth investing in a baby monitor in order to keep an extra eye on your baby while it sleeps or settles into a crib or cot in a room on its own.

There are baby monitors that just offer audio but some that offer video monitoring too. Some of the video monitors come with infrared display and many models in general offer a temperature tracking feature as well as a two way listening option.

The bottom line is, as long as the monitor you have in mind is affordable within your family budget, they really can’t do much harm.

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